Brumbaugh Water Main

Amount: $1,000,000

Project Description: This project is a replacement of the Brumbaugh water main and a replacement of the existing service line. The City will be replacing the existing AC waterlines with Ductile Iron Steel waterlines. The City will also be replacing the water service lines and upgrade the water meters to radio read water meters.

SR-203 Washington State Department of Transportation Culvert

Amount: $400,000

Project Description: This project will upgrade and move our current water line that coincides with the Salmon culvert. As part of the state's fish recovery efforts, WSDOT has made it a priority to reconnect waterways where roads act as barriers. In Western Washington, that means replacing culverts and building hundreds of fish-passable structures under state highways by 2030 to create more habitat which is essential for meeting fish recovery goals. WSDOT will build larger fish passages to restore natural stream conditions in Skunk Creek and an unnamed tributary to Skunk Creek where the cross under SR 202 and Southeast Fish Hatchery Road near Fall City and WSDOT will build two more structures to carry an unnamed tributary to the Snoqualmie River and an unnamed tributary to Horeshoe Lake under SR 203 in Carnation.

Southwest Water System Repair

Amount: $600,000

Project Description: This project will consist of installing water main improvements on the King County Park Trail throughout the Southwest portion of the City.

2025 Water Comprehensive Plan

Amount: $40,000

Project Description: This project consists of analyzing and establishing the Water Comprehensive Plan for the fiscal year of 2025. This includes, and is not limited to, all current projects that continue into 2025.

Alley J

Amount: $250,000

Project Description: This project is upgrading the watermain and waterlines that are currently being used in Alley J. Alley J runs parallel to Tolt Avenue on the West, from West Morrison Street through West Entwistle Street.

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