City Council


Clerk's Office

4621 Tolt Avenue
Carnation, WA 98014


The City of Carnation operates under a Council-Manager type of government. In this structure, a ceremonial Mayor presides at Council meetings and is recognized as the head of the City for ceremonial purposes. However, the Mayor has no regular administrative duties. The Mayor is selected by the City Council and this person must also be a Councilmember. The City has five Council positions, and each elected official has a term of four years.

The Council has the power to enact laws and policies, consistent with state law, regulating local and municipal affairs, usually through the enactment of ordinances and resolutions. In general, the council's authority also includes the specific authority to:

  • Enact a city budget
  • Fix the compensation of officers and employees
  • Maintain retirement and pension systems
  • Impose fines and penalties for violation of city ordinances
  • Enter into contracts
  • Regulate the acquisition, sale, ownership, and other disposition of real property
  • Provide governmental, recreational, educational, cultural, and social services
  • Impose taxes, as authorized by state law
  • Cause the city to own and operate utilities
  • Approve claims against the city
  • Grant franchises for the use of public ways
  • License, for the purpose of revenue and regulation, most any type of business.
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