City Council Special Meeting: February 13, 2024

FebFebruary 13 2024

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DATE: February 13, 2024
TIME: 6:00 P.M.
LOCATION: City Hall (4621 Tolt Avenue)

1. CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Jim Ribail

2. ROLL CALL: City Clerk Lora Wilmes

a. AB24-19: An Ordinance pursuant to RCW 35a.63.220 and 36.70a.390; imposing a temporary six (6) month moratorium upon the receipt and processing of project permit applications for certain development; setting forth findings of fact in support of said moratorium; providing for exclusions; stating the effect on vested rights; scheduling a public hearing date; authorizing official interpretations by the city of carnation development services director; providing for severability; declaring an emergency; and establishing an immediate effective date.

4. ADJOURNMENT: Mayor Jim Ribail

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