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City of Carnation


FREE Tree-Cycling Jan 6 at Carnation Tree Farm

Bring your Christmas tree to a Snoqualmie Valley Tree-Cycling drop-off at the Carnation Tree Farm in Carnation, or Duvall's Taylor Landing Park on Saturday, January 6th from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  This program applies to Christmas trees only.  No wreaths, greens or garland.  No artificial or flocked trees.  Please remove all metal hooks, decorations and tinsel. 

FREE WOOD CHIPS will be available to take starting Sunday January 7th and Monday January 8th from Duvall's Taylor Landing Park from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Bring your own shovel, truck, wheelbarrow, manual labor and any other tools you will need.

**IN CARNATION CITY-LIMITS ONLY!**As an independent fundraiser, the Boy Scouts will collect your tree from the curb at 9:00am January 6th and deliver it to the chipper for you!  Please put donation in an envelope or plastic bag and attach to tree or front door.  A $10.00 or more donation is appreciated, but please give what you can**

♦ Carnation Tree Farm is located at: 31523 NE 40th St, Carnation, WA  98014

♦ Taylor Landing Park is located at:  16201 Main St NE, Duvall, WA  98019

For more information, please contact Becky Buelna at the City of Carnation 425-333-4192 x180, Cheri James at City of Duvall 425-788-1185, or Scout Coordinator at treecycle745@gmail.com.