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Road Closures and Conditions

King County Road Alert Map. Shows the road closures and conditions listed below on an interactive map. Problems on King County maintained roads can be reported by calling 206-296-8100 or 1-800-KC-ROADS.

King County Road Alert - Road closures and conditions

Restricted - NE Union Hill Road from 208th Avenue NE to 238th Avenue NE

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Restricted - A full width overlay of the asphalt road surface is required but has not yet been performed. County engineers are working with the contractor to schedule overlay work as soon as possible. Two BUMP warning signs, Road Work Ahead warning signs, contractor information signs and signs to instruct drivers to reduce their speed to 30 MPH as they approach and travel through the work zone are on site. Drivers should exercise caution and reduce their speed whenever passing through this work zone.Read more

Restricted - Tolt Hill Bridge 1834A

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Restricted - The Tolt Hill Bridge reopened at 1 p.m. on Monday, July 17 with restrictions. Engineers have determined it is safe to allow traffic on the bridge where each vehicle is six tons or less fully loaded. Bikes and pedestrians are also allowed. Find the latest info at http://www.kingcounty.gov/toltbridge. Read more