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Hockert Park will close February 12th for Reconstruction

Hockert Park will close February 12th for Reconstruction

The City is excited to announce the reconstruction of Hockert Park is about to begin!  The City Council has approved the bid for construction and crews are mobilizing.  The project will start on Monday, February 12th when the City crews start removing all the play equipment.  We hope to reuse any equipment that is still in good condition and meets current safety standards in other City parks.  On Tuesday, February 20th, construction crews will start working to create a new park that is focused on the younger generation of Carnation.  The improved park will include:

  • A new “play mound”. This feature will be 6’ in height and will incorporate a slide and climbing wall. This feature has been installed in other communities and is very popular. Staff has learned that residents get creative and bring their own cardboard to serve as a downhill sled.

  • Six swings – different types for all ages.

  • A separate play area for toddlers that will include a small slide, springer and talking flower tubes.

  • Improved fixtures such as a water fountain, benches, tables and additional lighting.

  • Continuous sidewalk throughout the entire park

Parks are a vital component for any City and we are working hard to develop a park system that is inviting and friendly.  The City appreciates the community support and feedback that has made this project a success. Construction should be completed in late April, just in time for the seasonal reopening of the Carnation Farmers Market.  If you have any questions, please contact the City. 

Amy Arrington, City Manager


Post Revised on February 9, 2018 to reflect actual construction dates.